Home Kit for Parents

Our home kit is a reward system for parents to use with their child. The parent chooses one of the Reward Stickers and sticks it on the child's empty Achievements Sheet. Over a few days or weeks, the child works to improve their behavior and habits in order to earn ten Awesomeness Stickers on their sheet. Whenever a sheet is completed, the parent gives their child the real reward that was specified on the Reward Sticker.

(Ages 3 - 8)

School Kit for Teachers

Our school kit is a reward system for teachers to use with kids in the classroom. Each child receives an empty Achievements Sheet. Over a few days or weeks, kids work to improve their behavior and habits in order to earn ten Awesomeness Stickers on their sheet. Whenever a sheet is completed, they can take it home and show it off! Parents love it too since it keeps them informed about their child's progress in school.

(Preschool - Grade 3)

Stickers for Core Areas of Development

behavioral icon


Encourage and reward good behavior and kindness

habits icon


Encourage and reward positive and healthy habits

social icon


Encourage and reward good social and communication skills

learning icon


Encourage and reward good learning skills and critical thinking

Kids Love It

Kids are thrilled each time they get an Awesomeness Sticker, and they work hard to earn ten of them through their positive behavior and habits. They get to save and show off their Achievements Sheet filled with stickers! This serves as a summary of all their achievements and is great for internalizing what they learned.

You'll Love It Too

Whether you're a parent or a teacher, you know that when it comes to working with kids, positive reinforcement is the way to go. You're aware that constantly scolding your kids isn't very effective and it creates a negative environment in your home or classroom. RewardAwesomeness provides you with a fun and interactive reward system to teach kids good behavioral skills and habits.

What Our Customers Say

Just what we needed...

"This is just what we needed. Before we started using RewardAwesomeness, we were struggling with our 4 year old to correct some of his negative behavioral habits. This product with their well-designed Reward and Awesomeness Stickers was a great reward system for us to teach him how to behave well. He loves to show off his Achievements Sheets with pride now!"

— Emma J. (Boulder, CO)

Very intuitive to use...

"I have used RewardAwesomeness to help teach my two kids (3 yrs and 6 yrs) things ranging from engaging in good behavior, learning new skills, improving communication skills, and developing positive habits. It has served as a good reward system for me to apply positive reinforcement in our home. The product is well-designed and very intuitive to use."

— Cassie D. (Sacramento, CA)

Fun and interactive...

"I'm a kindergarten teacher and I use the RewardAwesomeness school kit in my classroom. Since it is so fun and interactive, my students love it, which makes learning easy! I like how the completed sheet displays all of the achievements, which helps them to remember how they got there. It makes it easy for me to encourage positive behaviors and habits."

— Anna P. (Dallas, TX)

Frequently Asked Questions

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